Credit card skimmer found at Manitowoc Shell station

Manitowoc credit card skimmer suspect and vehicle.

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) - A credit card skimmer device was found on a pump at a Manitowoc gas station Thursday morning, but it's not believed any customer information was stolen.

Police say the device was discovered at pump #8 at the Manitowoc Shell, 1701 S 41st Street.

Officials credit a cashier's actions for preventing possible theft via the skimming device.

"Because of the Cashier noticing the error message and the pump company being on site to check it so quickly, it is not believed that any customer's credit cards were skimmed," says a police statement.

A cashier told authorities that about 7 a.m., a dark burgundy pickup truck--possibly a Chevy--was at pump #8.

The cashier described three men in the vehicle. The cashier said they had "dark skin but were not African-American," according to police.

One of the suspects entered the store and bought a pack of gum.

He was described as being 6'3" - 6'5" tall. He was wearing a Green Bay Packers hooded sweatshirt, a camo baseball camp and beige or tan-colored shorts with purple flowers.

The cashier said the man did not speak English very well, and may have had an Arabic accent.

The cashier was alerted to an issue with pump #8 from a control panel inside the store. It beeped and showed her an error message.

The cashier went outside to see if she could help the men in the truck, but they drove off. They were last seen going north on S. 41st St.

The truck had a rear Florida plate, but the cashier was unable to get the number.

A petroleum company was at the store for a separate issue and checked to see what was wrong with the pump. That's when they found the skimming device.

A video camera at the gas pumps was out of service, but police were able to obtain video of the suspect inside the store and of the truck as it drove down the street.

Anyone with information about this incident should call their local police department.

Manitowoc credit card skimmer suspect and vehicle.

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