Credit card skimmers found in Kewaunee County gas pumps

Credit card skimmer and suspect vehicle

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Kewaunee County Sheriff's Office is alerting gas stations and warning drivers after two credit card skimmers were found in inside gas pumps at a station Thursday afternoon.

The credit card skimmers are used to collect credit or debit card numbers and PINs. These devices were found inside the pumps, so people using their card at the pump probably wouldn't notice anything strange.

Investigators were told the gas pumps would have been tampered with sometime early that morning. A car driven by a possible suspect was caught on surveillance camera (see photo above).

Sheriff Matt Joski isn't identifying the gas station or the community, saying the sheriff's office doesn't know how widespread these skimmers are and he wants the focus to be on prevention.

The sheriff's office is advising all gas stations in the county to check their pumps for tampering.

Sheriff Joski is asking motorists to pay at the service counter instead of the pump so the transaction is sure to be more secure, until further notice, and always monitor your credit card bills and bank transactions and report suspicious activity.

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