County eyes former Eagles Nest property

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Anglers and recreational boaters could soon have another access location on the lower bay of Green Bay.

The county is looking into buying the former Eagle's Nest Supper Club and Marina.

The Brown County Parks Director says it would also provide a much needed safe harbor location.

The 4.5 acres of land is on Nicolet Drive, along the east shore, about six miles from the mouth of the Fox River.

Vacant for many years, the former Eagle's Nest could be just what Brown County needs.

"We understand we have 66 square miles of water within the Brown County property right there, and we also understand there's one safe harbor that exists right now, that being Bay Shore Park on the northeast side," says County Parks Director Matt Kriese.

So with the property for sale, the county is conducting an appraisal and preparing to apply for a DNR grant that would cover 50 percent of the acquisition cost.

Kriese says the county would seek outside funding sources to cover the rest.

"Since 1957 to today, the severe storm events have been increasing out on the bay, and we can see it as we're standing here in snow in April, and we understand that to protect the users and the community that is out on the water, having those safe harbors is important," says Kriese.

Kriese says the full county board must vote on moving forward, but two subcommittees have given unanimous approval.

He says with the West Shore being wetlands, and the East Shore highly developed, this could be the country's one and only opportunity to offer another access location and safe harbor.

"Whether it's recreation, fishing or hunting opportunities, it's increasing and truly does have an economic impact on our community, so what we can do to help that out and how can we look forward 50 years, 100 years from now," says Kriese.