Continuing rains impacting fall harvest

DOOR COUNTY, Wis (WBAY) - This latest round of rain is an unwelcome sight to area farmers.

Their crops are ready for harvest, but their fields are too wet and muddy to work in.

Several weeks of wet weather is already impacting the fall harvest, and it's getting to be crunch time.

"We're starting to get behind the ball now," says Dave La Crosse, with Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy in Kewaunee County.

Earlier Tuesday, under rare sunny skies, we caught up with a group of farmers in Door County attending a field day workshop sponsored by Peninsula Pride Farms.

With October being prime time for harvesting corn and soybeans, farmers tell us they are now officially behind schedule due to all the rain we've had, several inches above normal over the past two months.

"It rained too much now to the point where we can't get the crops off, and it's been difficult, and we still got a lot of crops to get off and we just can't get nothing done right now," says La Crosse.

Despite fields too soggy and muddy to work in, area farmers say in some ways they consider themselves lucky.

"This amount of rain we've got in the last couple weeks has really made it wet, but it's kind of hit the whole state of Wisconsin and the Midwest and there's certainly areas that have been hurt even quite a bit more than we have, so I guess we're fortunate in some sense that we haven't gotten more," says Tony Brey, with Brey Cycle Farms in Door County.

Kewaunee County's UW- Extension Ag. agent tells us most farmers have chopped their corn for silage, but when it comes to grain corn and soy beans, those crops are ready and waiting, and yet there's more rain on the way.

"Keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't hit us," says La Crosse.

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