Consumer Alert: Spoofing Calls

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- You can't always trust your caller ID, as more cases of spoofing are being reported.

Spoofing means the number that comes up on your caller ID really isn't from that number.

The Outagamie County Sheriff's Department says their number is being used by someone claiming to be with the department, but deputies say this is a scam and to hang up.

In another case of spoofing, the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection has a number of reports from people saying they're getting calls from the Consumer Protection 800 hotline (800-422-7128).

One person says the caller told them it was about Wisconsin's do not call list; others said there wasn't a message, just that the 800 number was on their caller ID.

Department officials say they do not make calls to consumers using the 800 number. The number is there for consumers and businesses to contact the Bureau to report a problem, file a complaint, or ask questions about consumer laws.

If the department does call you, a 608 area code will show up on your caller ID.

Consumer Protection says to hang up. The more you answer those calls, the more likely the calls will increase.

The department says they have gotten reports from people in seven other states who have received these "spoofed" calls.

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