Consumer Alert: Report scam complaints to state

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- The Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection wants to hear from you if you've been a victim of the Equifax data breach.

The breach put 143 million people's names, drivers license numbers and social security numbers at risk.

Frank Frassetto, administrator of Wisconsin's Division of Consumer Protection says that's the holy grail of identity theft.

"If they believe they've been a victim or gone to the Equifax security website and find out they may have been one of the affected ones, certainly give us a call and file a complaint; because that will then allow us to start gathering information to then work with the Department of Justice to, at least, begin compiling," said Frassetto.

The company discovered the data breach on July 29th, but didn't publicly announce it until more than a month later.

Consumer protection is also warning people about a sophisticated timeshare resale fraud, and it's already cost people in Wisconsin.

"Scammers are contacting people and asking for money right up front, 'we've got a buyer, but we need some money up front in order to hold this. You need to wire this money to international banks;' and consumers are unfortunately falling for that," said Frassetto.

The second phase of the scam tells people they might be in legal trouble.

"Contact from a phony law enforcement official saying 'by the way, you're unwittingly being brought into a scam operation and you might be on the hook for penalties and fines, but we can get you off the hook by having you wire some additional money," said Frassetto.

Experts say every piece of information helps in the state's ongoing investigation and potential legal action.

Click here to file a complaint with the state.

You can also call the consumer protection hotline at 800-422-7128.