Construction crews lay groundwork ahead of Titletown Homes

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 4:17 PM CDT
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New construction happening in Titletown adds excitement for people hoping to live near Lambeau Field.

Titletown Homes gives people the opportunity to live in the 45-acre development. A total of 54 townhomes will be constructed along both sides of Brookwood Drive in Ashwaubenon east of Orrie Lane.

Construction crews lay water mains and resurface a portion of Brookwood Drive. It is the groundwork to building Titletown Homes.

"Starting this fall, you'll start seeing them grow a little bit vertical," said Jackie Krutz, Titletown Residential and Programs Manager. "Our homes should be coming on course hopefully by spring of 2020."

"We're looking forward to that. I think there will be a lot of interest," said Mark Murphy, CEO and President of the Green Bay Packers.

The new Titletown Homes website provides both interior and exterior renderings of the three-story townhomes with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and two full powder rooms available to purchase.

"That's a goal for the Village for those. We don't necessarily want those to become short-term rentals. We want people to live there, have that area active 24/7 365," said Aaron Schuette, Community Development Director for the Village of Ashwaubenon.

The future Titletown Flats will offer luxury apartments for people to rent as yet another option for people looking to live in Ashwaubenon.

"That's the biggest thing that we always here is, 'I want to move out of my home. I don't want to do the work anymore, but I want to stay in Ashwaubenon,' and they don't have options. This opens up a lot of options," said Mary Kardoskee, Village of Ashwaubenon President.

Living close to Lambeau Field does not come without a cost. Titletown officials have not released a price yet, but no matter how high the numbers, Schuette is confident there will be a long list of buyers for Titletown Homes based off of his experience with other new development.

"The actually really high-end apartments are the ones that are renting first," said Schuette.

Krutz says the details on pricing will be finalized in the coming weeks. That information along with other updates on the project will be sent to people on the list of interested buyers.

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