Construction begins on new Ferris wheel at Bay Beach Amusement Park

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 9:46 PM CST
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A new Ferris wheel is being built at Bay Beach Park Amusement park in Green Bay.

"The Big Wheel" is one of the steps officials are taking to renovate the shoreline.

"You can't miss it when you go out there,” Parks and Recreation Director Dan Ditscheit said. “It's a very big structure."

As we've reported this week, crews have been setting up parts for the new ride.

"On Monday of this week we got like three semi loads of parts for the ride,” Ditscheit said. “So you go out to the site right now you'll see the basic frame of the Ferris wheel already in place."

Ditscheit said the 100-foot tall ride is on the shoreline of the bay and give riders a perfect view.

"Right at the base of this Ferris wheel, we're going to be building a 450-foot long pier out in the bay,” said Ditscheit, "and then we're going to be using a 1,000-linear foot sand beach which people will be able to swim on that which they haven't been able to do since the 1930's.”

Ditscheit said this is like no other Ferris wheel. The Big Wheel will seat more than two people in a buggy.

"They're going to be gondola seats instead of a regular seat where only two people can fit on, so multiple people can fit in each car."

If you were wondering what will happen to the now old Ferris wheel, according to Ditscheit they're keeping it.

The Big Wheel is expected to make its big debut on Memorial Day.