Congressman Sensenbrenner endorses Tiffany for Congress

WESTON, Wis. -- One of the Republican candidates running for former Congressman Sean Duffy's 7th Congressional seat has been endorsed by current Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner.

Sensenbrenner, who represents the 5th Congressional Distirct, announced his endorsement of candidate Tom Tiffany Sunday afternoon at an event in Weston.

Tiffany made the following statement Sunday after receiving the endorsement:

"Congressman Sensenbrenner's endorsement means so much. As the Dean of Wisconsin's Congressional delegation, he really looks out to make sure the conservatives he supports will stand up for the people they represent back home in Wisconsin. I'm honored to earn his support, and I hope to earn the support of 7th Congressional District voters on Tuesday, February 18."

Tiffany is pitted against newcomer Jason Church, an Afghanistan veteran who lost both of his legs when an IED detonated.

Tiffany has served in the Legislature since 2011, and has the backing of former Gov. Scott Walker, as well as Duffy.

The primary will be February 18th, the same as the primary in the state Supreme Court race.

The general election will be held May 12.

Whoever wins will have to run again in the fall to retain the seat for a full two year term.