Computer issues slow posting of vote totals in Outagamie Co.

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY)- Election officials in Outagamie County say computer problems slowed them down as they reported vote totals on Tuesday night.

The county's vote total was posted just before 2:30 Wednesday morning.

The County Clerk's Office tells Action 2 News that the server at the county court house was not receiving results from the modems at local precincts.

Clerk's Office workers had been testing the system for the past few weeks, including just this past Monday, and they say everything was working just fine during the tests.

The computer system vendor worked with county officials Tuesday night to try to fix the problem, even rebooting the server, but that didn't help.

To get results, municipal officials had to call in or fax in results, or even take pictures of voting machine tapes, and email those into the main office.

County Clerk's Office workers then had to manually enter all the results.

The clerk's office will be working to figure out exactly what went wrong with their computers.

No vote totals in Wisconsin are final until the official canvass next week.

Outagamie County's votes were crucial for the very close State Supreme Court race. Brian Hagedorn took more than 4,000 more votes than Lisa Neubauer in Outagamie County.