Complaint: woman injected runaways with meth; forced man into prostitution

Shawna Baxter
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OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Nichols woman is charged with several crimes ranging from child enticement to receiving compensation for human trafficking.

In the village of Nichols, with a population of just 271, 28-year-old Shawna Baxter is charged with a long list of crimes stemming from two separate cases.

In one case, she's accused of getting juvenile runaways high on meth and making them commit crimes.

In another, she's accused of forcing a "low-functioning adult" to perform sex acts for money.

Action 2 News obtained the criminal complaints for each case.

In Nov. 2017, an Outagamie County investigator was called to Baxter's home for a report that she was harboring runaways.

One of the runaways told investigators Baxter injected three victims with meth several times per day in the month of October. According to the complaint, Baxter brought one 16-year-old boy "into the bathroom, locked the doors, and injected him with methamphetamine." The victim said Baxter would "drive them to retail stores in order for them to steal phones" to be traded or sold for more meth.

According to the criminal complaint, Baxter admitted providing meth to three victims, explaining she injected the teens to get them high faster.

In the second case, Baxter is charged with Receiving Compensation for Human Trafficking and Pandering.

A criminal complaint states Baxter prostituted one of her former roommates, a low-functioning adult. "Baxter facilitated incidents where the victim would perform sexual acts on other males for money" and he "would often cry about it."

A witness stated the victim would give all the money to Baxter.

The complaint states "numerous" Facebook messages corroborated the allegation that Baxter forced the man into prostitution.

Facebook messages also showed Baxter was trying to prostitute one of the 16-year-old runaways living with her, according to the complaint.

Baxter has a plea hearing scheduled for the runaways case on May 21.

Together, all ten counts carry 126 years in prison and a $665,000 fine if convicted.

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