Complaint: man hit bartender eight times; attack captured on video

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A man accused of attacking a Green Bay bartender hit the victim eight times with a blunt object, and it was all captured on surveillance video, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Action 2 News.

Anthony D. Oliver, 53, was charged Thursday with Armed Robbery, Aggravated Battery, and Obstructing an Officer.

On Oct. 14, police were called to Jekyll and Hyde bar in the 200 block of S. Broadway. A woman told police she had been hit and that someone may have stolen her purse.

The victim suffered a cracked skull, which resulted in a brain bleed. She also suffered a broken bone in her neck and a broken finger.

The victim said she had closed down the bar, and at about 3:15 a.m., she left out the back. That's when she saw a man standing to her left.

She turned toward the man and he started hitting her with an object. The victim said he hit her once or twice before she fell to the ground, and continued to hit her while she was on the ground. At one point, he grabbed her purse and ran off.

The victim ran to a nearby bar for help and they called 911.

Police say the victim had $350-$400 dollars (some of the money was tips from the night) in her purse, along with keys, her wallet, and credit and ID carts.

The victim told police she did not have anyone in her personal life who would attack her or target her.

She wasn't unable to give a description of the suspect beyond clothing and approximate height.

Later in the morning, police were told that the victim's purse had been found in the 1400 block of Kellogg Street. The victim's credit cards and ID cards were still in the purse.

Investigators were able to get closed circuit video from the bar. On the video, they saw a man who was "casing the bar in attempt to possibly burglarize or commit a robbery," according to the criminal complaint.

Investigators say the video shows the man putting on a mask and positioning himself against the back wall of the bar where the victim was about to exit.

As the victim opens the door, she's attack by the man from behind. The video shows the man striking her in the head with a blunt object.

Investigators say the victim appeared to "seize" which is known to happen when people are violently hit on the head.

The complaint states that the man hit the victim eight times before ripping away her purse and running off.

Police followed up in the neighborhood where the victim's purse was dumped. Police located a home that had a camera system, and the homeowners agreed to turn that footage over to police.

The video showed an older box-type car slow down where the purse was dumped on Kellogg.

Police say the vehicle had a "very distinct primer color" and no hub caps. On Oct. 17, police saw a similar vehicle driving in Green Bay.

Police took Anthony D. Oliver in for questioning.

Oliver claimed he had been with a friend at the time of the attack, but police say the alibi did not hold up.

Oliver was taken into custody on a probation hold. While in jail, Oliver had phone conversations with his brother.

Police reviewed these calls. According to the complaint, Oliver instructs his brother to retrieve a phone and clothing that may tie Oliver to the bartender attack.

"They lookin for blood and s--t," Oliver told his brother.

Police made contact with the brother and he allowed them to collect the potential evidence that he hid for his brother.

In November, several items were tested for DNA. The complaint states hair found in Oliver's vehicle matched the victim.

"It's probably one of the most violent assaults that we've captured on video," says Lt. Rick Belanger, Green Bay Police Department. "And in a situation the victim has no relationship to the suspect."

Oliver made his initial court appearance Thursday. He is being held on an extended supervision hold based on previous burglary and battery charges.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 19.

Police continue to investigate the attack. Det. Dave Steffens is asking anyone who may have seen Oliver around the time of the crime or who may have additional information to contact him at (920) 448-3287.

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