Community supported mental health clinic opens in Waupaca

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WAUPACA, Wis. (WBAY-TV) New mental health resources are now available to the Waupaca county community.

It's an effort we first told you about in June when the Neuville family donated $50,000 through the Waupaca Community Foundation.

Chris Anthony and her family also helped make the new Catalpa mental health facility possible with a grant in support of its mission.

"We like the idea that families and children get help early on before problems become bigger," said Anthony.

Catalpa says the move will help the already 350 Waupaca area families making the trek to services in the Fox Valley.

Target 2 investigates has found a strong demand for mental health professionals in northeast Wisconsin's rural areas.

The UW Health Institute reports last year, there was only one mental health professional for every 1800 people in Waupaca County.

"I think that anything that can decrease a barrier to someone getting help allows them to get help that much sooner," said Scott Radtke, Director of Clinic Operations for Catalpa.

The clinic opened with four mental health providers with opportunity to expand to 10.

"Our hope is to continue to add clinicians based on need," said Radtke.

For now, the Anthony’s are thrilled families have another avenue for help in the Waupaca area.

"It's stressful when you have a child that is struggling," said Anthony.