Community members go bald to show support for GBASO indoor skate park founder

GREEN BAY, Wis. Some people shaved their heads completely bald on Saturday to show support for Green Bay Action Sports Organization (GBASO) founder, Brian Schroeder.

GBASO regular, Pennington Klein, shaves his head in support of GBASO founder, Brian Schroeder

Schroeder was diagnosed last month with an inoperable brain tumor and on Saturday the community rallied together to raise money so indoor skate park can continue growing.

GBASO is non-profit organization where kids can go to practice action sports year-round.

"So many months out of the year it's cold in Wisconsin, there's not a safe place to go, so having this open and having that place where kids can be physically active, and have that support is really important to him," said Mandy Schroeder, Brian’s wife.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Brian decided to shave his head. At the fundraiser others are joining him in solidarity.

"It was really empowering and it really I guess it inspired a lot of people, because it got a lot of response from the internet, and here we are today shaving a lot of heads completely bald, so it's pretty awesome," said Brian Schroeder.

Three years ago GBASO opened its doors, and it is the only indoor skate park to be in the northeast Wisconsin area. Thousands of kids each month go through the GBASO doors to practice their skills in BMX, skateboard, scooter, inline skating and much more.

Pennington Klein rides BMX and goes to GBASO almost every day. Klein says Brian has always been a role model to him.

"He's just such a cool guy, I think that he's taught me a lot, he's taught me how to face my fears, and he's taught me to be a better bike rider,” said Klein.

"I mean I created this so I could share my gifts with others and help inspire kids to believe in themselves, so Penn is just one example of many, an awesome example of many. He’s someone who has taken a lot of falls and gotten back up," added Schroeder.

Through Saturday’s fundraiser, Brian hopes to grow GBASO and continue to inspire the younger generation to never give up, no matter how many times you may fall.

"I want to say thank you Brian for making me a better person," says Klein.