Strong community support at Colton's Cure Foundation Gala

GREEN BAY, Wis. People dressed their best at Lambeau Field Saturday night to help Wisconsin families going through a tough time. The annual Colton’s Cure Foundation Gala raises money to ease the financial burden of families affected by childhood cancer.

Colton Steinhorst

The Colton’s Cure Foundation is named after Colton Steinhorst. Colton was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was two years old, and lost his battle to cancer just shy of his fifth birthday.

"Before he passed away we created Colton's Cure Foundation with him and so we promised in his memory that we would keep it going for him," said Tara Steinhorst, Colton’s mom.

"He just loved life and you can tell that everyday meant something to him, and I've never seen a kid fight so hard to be with his family and to be part of the world," said John Nikas, the Gala’s Master of Ceremonies.

During Colton's battle with cancer, the community, organizations and even strangers pulled together to help the Steinhorst family, inspiring the creation of the Colton's Cure Foundation.

The community support, still hasn't stopped.

"For his funeral, there were probably a dozen Green Bay Packers, people from all walks of life and the Green Bay community, that shows you how many people he touched, and this is a little kid who just because he never quit and never gave up showed people what you can do when faced with this kind of thing," said Nikas.

So far the foundation has granted more than 300 families, and given more than $70,000 to the families affected by childhood cancer.

"Even little things means such a great deal for a family in need and that's what Colton’s Cure Foundation really does is celebrate Colton by helping out the kids he wanted to help, which are people just like him," said Nikas.

This year is the third year of the gala. Steinhorst says Saturday’s attendance was the highest yet, with more than 160 guests.

"So yes it continues to grow year after year, which is amazing, because the more that we talk about Colton's cure, his memory and what we do to help the other families, it seems like the community continues to back us," said Steinhorst.