College students and instructors adapting to flexible learning

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Now a few weeks into changes from the pandemic, colleges and universities in the area are adapting to virtual or flexible classes.

On Tuesday, officials with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) announced a new statewide plan that is designed for students who wish to pursue specific majors. (MGN)

Denisse Arjon is a Design and Technology Program student at Northwest Technical College and said learning from home isn't the same but she's been able to find ways to manage.

"It's a lot of self-responsibility I must say and it is important to stay on top of things, so I use lists. I made a list for every class I have to make sure that I know what projects I need to get done first," said Arjon.

Like many other students especially taking labs and hands on classes Arjon said she misses being on campus and for her peers feeling overwhelmed she suggests practicing time management as well as taking a breath when you need it, "and say 'I want to do this at a certain time', when you're at home, it feels less stressed out and it makes you feel relieved," said Arjon.

On the other hand, instructors at NWTC like Leon Charnetski miss working with students. He's been making videos for his students to stay engaged as much as possible.

"Hopefully, trying to at least give the students a similar experience as if they were here, it's not the same, as being in the classroom that's for sure, I'm spending a lot of time creating videos, hopefully the students are enjoying them," said Charnetski who is a HVAC Instructor at NWTC.

Action 2 News also checked in with UW-Green Bay.

Associate Dean for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Ryan Martin said the transition has been hard for some students who don't have the same resource at home.

"We've really embraced as a campus, the messages I'm getting from everywhere is, we're going to do our best, we are going to be resourceful and flexible and we're going to work with students as those challenges come up and just kind of fight through those things," said Martin who is also a Professor of Psychology at UWGB.