College freshman move-in day an emotional day for thousands of parents

Published: Sep. 2, 2018 at 3:39 PM CDT
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Thousands of parents spent the Sunday before Labor Day saying goodbye to their kids, because Sunday is move-in day for UW Oshkosh and UW Green Bay.

Dozens of student volunteers at UW Oshkosh unpacked cars Sunday morning for a smooth move into freshman dorms, Scott Hall

"Our first year students are moving in with their very nervous parents, so this is a fantastic day of transition. In many instances it'll be the first time students will be living someplace else other than with their parents, so it's a big emotional day for everybody," said Andrew Leavitt, Chancellor for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Family members were seen pitching in and saying their goodbyes, even those with four legs. Between Sunday and Monday 2,000 UW Oshkosh students will be moving into their dorms, both parents and students tell say it’s nerve-wrecking but exciting at the same time.

"Yeah it's my last one so she's going away to school so yeah I’ve got a little bit of tears," said Shelley Fraser, who’s moving her daughter Emily into UW Oshkosh’s Scott Hall.

Meanwhile, 1,000 UW Green Bay students also moved in Sunday, and for parents, the day is one to remember.

"It's rough, you know her entire childhood flashed right before my eyes this morning as I realized what was happening today and I started weeping but I’ll get through the day," said Krista Mikulski, who’s moving her daughter Alayna into UWGB’s freshman dorms.

Seasoned UWGB students say freshmen should make the most out of their first year.

"Take every opportunity to get involved as you can, because we are a small campus, there's a lot to do and a lot of connections to make," said Zoe Betancourt, a UWGB sophomore move-in day volunteer.

Even though goodbyes are hard, students moving in say they're ready to begin their next adventure, living by themselves.

"Well I'm excited to see all the new people and see everything but I'm also like nervous about starting classes and being on my own for the first time pretty much," said UW Oshkosh freshman, Emily Fraser.

"I'm kind of nervous but I'm excited, I’m sad to leave home and all my friends, but this is a new start," says UWGB freshman, Alayna Mikulski.