Colburn pool closed for the summer

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 8:40 PM CDT
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Colburn Pool on Green Bay's west side will be closed for the summer.

It wasn’t the original plan, but the Parks Committee made the decision Tuesday night after flooding of the pool house delayed the pool's opening this year.

Last week, city crews were in the process of filling up the pool when a pipe burst and flooded the basement of the pool house.

“The electric panels, all of the pumps, all of the pool heaters, all of the chemical controllers, all that equipment was underwater during this flooded event,” said Parks Director, Dan Ditscheit.

All of that equipment was scheduled to be replaced this fall, but now the renovations can start this summer instead.

Alderman Chris Wery hoped the pool could be opened this summer, but is looking forward to getting the long awaited renovations started earlier than originally planned.

“We're going to have a whole new fence around here, there's going to be a pool liner. Right where we're standing, there's going to be a new concession area and will be able to offer a lot bigger range of items,” said Wery.

“We'll have all new pumps, filters, pipes, all new equipment and I feel comfortable in saying the pool will definitely last easily another 20 years after these renovations are completed,” said Ditscheit.

The parks department is working on diverting swimming lessons and other aquatic activities to either Joannes or the Resch Aquatic Centers this summer.

Molly Meyer is one neighbor who has fond memories of Colburn pool and is anxious for it to open.

“My great grandchild learned to swim in this pool last summer and now where is it? We come here, we're looking for the water, it's gone,” said Meyer.

She was part of the group “Friends of Colburn Pool” which raised $1 million several years ago for renovations of the pool. The group had to give the donations back after the project stalled, and she’s been frustrated with the lack of movement on the pool since.

The plan is to have Colburn Pool fully renovated by summer of 2020.

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