Coffee shop in the making provides jobs for human trafficking survivors

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SUAMICO, Wis. One coffee shop in the making is showing people that every cup of coffee bought can help change the world for the better.

The first fundraiser for "Cornerstone Coffee Shop and Cafe," was held Saturday in Suamico. Cornerstone Coffee Shop is a non-profit that will hire women who have come out of human trafficking.

"We seek to not only to be a local coffee shop but then also to step alongside of them, help them get back up on their feet, and then not only providing them with jobs but also skills like resume building, customer service, and anything they might need to step back out into the world," said Alyssa Guba, Owner of Cornerstone Coffee Shop.

Half of the coffee shop's earnings will go toward other non-profits like "Eye Heart World," who advocate for human trafficking survivors, the other half will go toward opening more Cornerstone Coffee Shops.

"To have them in the community as a safe place for girls to go, as a place to provide employment, to provide groups for girls and support, that's huge. It's not something that a lot of communities have and that'll be a huge bonus to our community," said Brian Russo, Executive Director of Eye Heart World.

The Cornerstone Coffee Shop hopes to open up in the Ashwaubenon area this fall, they need at least $50,000 for startup costs, which includes the hiring of two women immediately.

The organic coffee beans Cornerstone Coffee Shop uses will be sourced from co-ops around the world who are known to employ survivors of abuse.

"Not only will we have the same coffee sourced from the same cause that we're doing, but then also just providing a space for the community to come and gather while also stepping in alongside of these women," said Guba.

"Many of them don't have the job skills, the job experience that they need to really succeed in the workforce, and so to have someone walking alongside them and teaching them these job skills, life skills, interview prep and all that kind of stuff goes so far in helping them re-enter the workforce and succeed," said Russo.

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