Clintonville Police K9 Remembered for His Service

Published: Sep. 28, 2017 at 4:44 PM CDT
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A community hero is honored in Clintonville today. Police K9 Chero may have only been with the police department for three years, but his legacy will live on.

A procession through the streets he patrolled was only the beginning of the day to honor Clintonville Police Department K9 Officer Chero. Officers, troopers, deputies and K9s from around the region paused to remember the dog who unexpectedly fell ill earlier this month and had to be put down.

"To go through this, especially at this age, ten years down the road we'd be like ok we're looking at some older age looking at some other stuff going on but, to come up this quickly and to have this happen it's the heartache. It's terrible," says Officer Chris Wendorf, Chero's handler.

Chero's sudden death is not only terrible for his handler and Officer Wendorf's family, but also for the community that turned out for a memorial service to honor the gentle giant they had grown to love.

Clintonville resident Nancy Mueller said, "I just believe that he was watching all of the people all of the time and so friendly, that's what really made him nice. But we knew that he was good when it came to his duty."

With the department since November of 2014, K9 Chero worked tirelessly, as he was deployed more than a 150 times on various calls.

According to Clintonville Police Chief James Beggs, "He contributed to 81 arrests, so in a short time period, that's very effective."

Chero's legacy is his success and he leaves big paws to fill. Office Wendorf adds, "Long talk with the family and to keep the program going through the City of Clintonville and through the communities here, I am ready to take on another K9 and live in Chero's memory and his honor by continuing the program."