Green Bay to fuel cars with the sun

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- While Governor Tony Evers has set a goal for the state to move to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050, those on Green Bay's Sustainability Commission are making good on a similar promise.

Green Bay to install a solar powered car charging station at Leicht Park.

The commission put forward a proposal to implement clean energy for all municipal functions by 2050, which was adopted by the City Council earlier this year.

This week, the city council approved the installation of a solar powered car charging station at Leicht Park.

Green Bay has a number of other electric charging stations across the city, but this will be the first powered completely by solar energy.

“We're looking at doing, at Leicht Park, kind of a digital display that people can actually go to and see how much energy is being generated by those panels and how much that's saving us energy wise and money wise as the city,” said Ned Dorff, vice chair of the Sustainability Commission.

The commission has $60,000 from excess stadium tax money to use on clean energy projects.

The solar car charging station is only the first.

“As Green Bay looks ahead, could we be installing solar panels on new city buildings or existing city buildings? You even have street lights now that are supplied by solar power,” said Alderman Bill Galvin.

These ideas are also being discussed by the commission.

Galvin also brought forward a proposal to look into installing solar panels at various closed landfills in the city.

“Instead of waiting to see what happens, I think Green Bay should be moving to the front of this, and investigating these things that are out there, and be on the cutting edge of what’s happening and installing it,” said Galvin.

When the solar power charging station will be installed has yet to be determined. The work will be done by Eland Electric Corporation based in Green Bay.