City of Appleton crews plow, treat roads in the midst of taxpayer feedback

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) -- The City of Appleton 2019 Budget includes $1.4 million for snow and ice removal.

That money comes from a general fund made up partly of taxpayer dollars.

Another round of winter weather makes its way through the Fox Valley on Thursday.

"We've spent a lot of time on the roads clearing snow, salting roads for when they were slippery," said Chad Doran, communications coordinator for the City of Appleton.

Nearly 75,000 people live in Appleton, and they all have their own opinions about which roads require attention first.

Doran says he receives public feedback through phone calls, emails, letters, and social media posts.

"We have a little over 800 lane miles of street that we plow throughout the city, so at most we put out about 40 pieces of equipment," he said. "So, those drivers have a lot of area to cover in each of the routes that we do."

There are mixed reviews posted on the Appleton City Hall and City of Appleton Public Works Facebook pages.

"One week we'll have snow, and people will think we did a great job. The next week, they'll call and think we did a terrible job," said Doran. "It really doesn't change what we do. We do the same thing every week."

According to the City of Appleton, 37 cents out of every tax dollar paid by city residents goes into the general fund.

Doran says regardless of if the feedback is positive or filled with criticism, city crews are dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

"Our crews really care. They work their tails off out there. Sometimes, it's really long hours depending on how the snow falls," said Doran. "I think part of it is drivers need to realize, it's Wisconsin, winter in Wisconsin, and whether or not the street's been plowed, drivers are responsible for what happens behind the wheel."

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