Christmas tree outlook in Wisconsin

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WAUSHARA COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - It may have been the Thanksgiving holiday, but it was still busy on the ANR Tree Farm. Wreaths were also being made Thursday.

As Nadiya Niedermeier says, it's worth it for customer praise, like the ones they receive during their family's holiday meals.

"Stay long, it's what we do,” Nadiya said. “And it will make you happy as your children and grandchildren that they tell you at the table, 'It’s so yummy, yummy what you cook.' Same way."

We last visited ANR Tree Farm in 2012, a bad year for the crop because of heat and drought.

We spoke to Bruce Niedermeier then.

"I planted about 12,000 new trees this year and they're all dead, and I planted about 12,000 last year and half of those are dead," Bruce said at the time.

2012 could still have an impact on the farm around 2022, when those trees would have been ready for harvest.

"But," he told us Thursday, "since then we've had great weather and things have rebounded."

This year his wholesale is sold out, and Bruce has heard of similar demand at other tree farms in Wisconsin.

Bruce believes retail prices on trees will be a little bit higher this year, and he blames Wisconsin's worker shortage.

"We have a shrinking labor pool, and so we don't have as many people available. That's the problem," said Bruce.

Bruce is a week behind

But he says you can expect good selection at the stores.

"You'll find enough trees at all the stores," he assured.

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