Chilton to honor historic football team

CHILTON, Wis. (WBAY) - Arguably the greatest high school football season in Wisconsin history will be celebrated tonight in Chilton.

The 1969 Chilton Tigers roared past their competition, and 50 years later the memories still seem like yesterday.

"It's amazing how fast it goes. You think 50 years, it's like my God," says Pat Nolan, a senior tight end and linebacker on the '69 team.

Even with the addition of Dave Casper, who would go on to become a Pro Football Hall of Famer, the Tigers entered the 1969 season under the radar.

"And even in the preseason stuff, the previews, it was kind of like they got these seniors back, 13, 14 of them, but nothing about, they're going to compete against a couple other teams in the conference," recalls Mike Schmidlkofer, a junior on that team.

After squeaking by Sun Prairie on the road in their season opener, the Tigers never looked back.

"At that time who's thinking, well, hey 7-0, we snuck out of this game, we won, and seven games later here we are 363-to-nothing and yeah, that historic season."

Chilton finished their season undefeated and never scored on, leading to the greatest point differential in state history.

"Our offense was just unbelievable. Even though the defense had nobody score on them, they would run down the field and score at will," says Schmidlkofer.

Players remember the community's excitement over their powerhouse team.

"This whole hillside and bleachers were full. I mean, people standing I bet three, four, five deep all the way around this field," recalls Nolan.

Friday night at halftime during Chilton's game, the 1969 team will be honored.

The vast majority of the team will be present.

"Just to get together, we had 39 players on the team, seven have passed away and we have about 24 out of the 32 showing up," says Schmidlkofer.

It's a bond these guys carry with pride 50 years after making history.

"Was talking to my son last night about it, and he kind of kidded and said, 'Well, why don't they interview the 1998 team?' That's the one he played on, and I said, 'Well, probably just weren't that good,'" says Nolan with a chuckle.

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