Charitable spirit on Giving Tuesday in Fond du Lac

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FOND DU LAC, Wis (WBAY) - We've seen Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and go. Now Giving Tuesday is upon us, an initiative that began five years ago to benefit charities.

The act of giving has a special meaning for Thrivent Financial’s Ryan Thorpe.

When fire destroyed his house in 2014, the community rushed to his aid.

"Just seeing that outpouring made a huge impact on us and we want to give back to our community as well," said Thorpe.

He's joining one of many Giving Tuesday events in our area.

His company, Thrivent Financial, matched up to $10,000 in donations at several locations, including the Fond du Lac Salvation Army.

"Help those in the Fond du Lac area that are in need,” Fond du Lac Salvation Army Thrift Store Brenda Bertram said. “Need knows no season, and everybody had a time in their life where they've struggled."

So the music played at the thrift shop and the soup was served and delivered to companies.

The soup made by Annie’s Fountain City Café.

"With being a local business, I like to get out into the community and see what we can do to help people," said Annie Culver, owner of Annie’s Fountain City Café.

You can also donate online to the Fond du Lac Salvation Army. On our website we have a list of places you can also donate to on giving Tuesday.

"We're in such the hustle and bustle of the season right, we've got Christmas presents and Thanksgiving, New Year's and Christmas and we've got to go, go, go,” Thorpe said. “It's good to stop and say ‘what can I do for somebody else’."

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