Casco woman who lost her husband and job, receives new furnace at no cost

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CASCO/LUXEMBURG, Wis. This year Lennox’s "Feel the Love" program will install 175 free furnaces for deserving families in need of a safe and reliable one. The program originally launched in 2009 as “Heat U.P.”

Suzie Mencheski of Casco

On Saturday, one woman in Casco is definitely feeling that love. Suzie Mencheski is a loving mother, sister and grandmother, but she has been dealing with a lot of loss lately. Mencheski lost her mom to cancer, then her husband after a sudden heart attack.

"We lost Ed at my niece's wedding, then Suzie loses her job, her good paying job because the plant shut down, now she's having to find work on a single income, and this summer she ended up needing knee surgery, so she was off work again," said Sandee Dhuey, Suzie’s sister.

After Mencheski ran into trouble with her furnace, she went days with no heat last winter. She was nominated by her two sisters shortly after, and was chosen as this year's “Feel the Love” recipient.

"It's pretty overwhelming, when I first heard, I had a lot of crying going on, because it is such a nice thing," said Mencheski as tears rolled down her face.

"Sue was a current client of ours, so we did know her and we knew her story and the struggles she was having, and we interviewed Sue and a few others and we just felt Sue would be the best fit,” said Paula Shefchik, office manager for Ultimate Air Luxemburg.

With the help of more than a dozen volunteers, Suzie got a brand new high efficiency furnace and thermostat at no cost, local organizations in the area also chipped in to make her day extra special.

Now Mencheski won't go a day without heat.

"So the one we're putting in is 95 percent efficient, meaning 95 cents of every dollar will be going into her house instead of out the chimney so giving her better efficiency," said Jeff Blemke, owner of Ultimate Air Luxemburg.

Ultimate Air waived the installation and area businesses provided her with gift cards to her favorite restaurant, a nail salon and a voucher to help pay for new windows and heat this winter.

“She gives so much to everybody else, her kids, her grandchildren, even for me she still helps me out and it's so nice to see her getting something for once," said Dhuey.

"I've been waiting since they told me, it's just very exciting to have this all happening, sometimes you wait for good things to happen and this is one of those good things," said Mencheski.