"Cans for Greg" collects aluminum cans to provide for kids camp scholarships

MARINETTE, Wis. Greg Maccoux from Marinette has disabilities of his own, but he's not letting it stop him from making a difference in the community.

Greg Maccoux stands next to one of the trailers the community helped fill up on Saturday

Maccoux collects aluminum cans in exchange for money to provide camp scholarships for kids with disabilities.

Maccoux came up with the idea himself and is now in his seventh year of collecting cans.

"I decided instead of throwing their cans out to take the cans and give it to me and I usually cash them in and get money for the camp," said Maccoux.

"’Cans for Greg’ has been absolutely humbling, to see the community come out and react to Greg's mission of sending one child to camp each year," said Patrick Burley, Marketing Director for “Cans for Greg.”

Maccoux’s goal is to send a child to camp free of charge, but last year the drive was so successful he was able to send three, and they're hoping to do the same with this year’s collections.

Burley says with the thousands of cans they received Saturday, "Cans for Greg" will probably be able send multiple kids to camp next year.

"We had a backup on Cleveland Avenue here in Marinette where the cars were backed up loaded up with cans and we've done well again and at this point I couldn't be happier for Greg or the community," said Burley.

"I would like to thank everybody in this town that collects cans for me and I would hope that they would keep doing it again," added Maccoux.

Every year more and more people in the community are getting involved.

"Each year we see a snowball effect with more and more people coming on board but interestingly now people are collecting their cans and saving their cans and reaching out and contacting me to find out when the next can event is," said Burley.

The next can drive will be in April, he's asking the Marinette community to think twice before tossing away their aluminum cans. Maccoux says he will continue “Cans for Greg” as long as he’s alive.