Candidates in home stretch campaigning before Election Day

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APPLETON Wis. (WBAY) - It’s the home stretch to Election Day and candidates are making their final push to get your votes.

With only two days left until the election, candidates are traveling across Wisconsin with their eyes on the prize.

Sunday night, United States Senate Candidate, Leah Vukmir, had one last message for middle class voters in Appleton.

"People are frustrated to believe that Tammy Baldwin hasn't represented them,” Vukmir said. “I haven't, I’m one of those hard-working middle class individuals and I will take that to Washington.”

Vukmir also highlighted her stance on healthcare.

"I want to be that person that fixes healthcare reform,” said Vukmir. “I’m a nurse. People in Washington need someone with a background like me who wants to make sure that individuals are making decisions about their healthcare with their doctors and not having the government takeover control.”

Vukmir’s opponent United States Senator, Tammy Baldwin, said she wants to decrease medical expenses.

"I want to bring down costs by holding the drug companies accountable,” Baldwin said. “They need to be transparent, they need to be accountable and they need to justify price increase.”

Baldwin said the Affordable Care Act can be improved by recognizing the executive actions.

Governor Scott Walker said he believes the governor's race is too close to call right now because of rumors surrounding pre-existing conditions.

"Heck my own wife is a type 1 diabetic,” Walker said. “My mother's a cancer survivor and my brother has a heart condition. For them and everyone else like them across the state we will always cover people with pre-existing conditions."

Walker said his goal is to move Wisconsin forward by creating more jobs and opportunities.

Walker’s opponent, Tony Evers, set the record straight when it comes to taxes.

"In the property tax world I am not raising property tax with my education budget,” Evers said. “In the income tax world I’m actually reducing taxes by 10% for middle class Wisconsinites who have been left behind by Scott Walker.”

Although many differing views along the campaign trail, they all can agree one thing, getting the vote out on November 6th.

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