Campaign promotes more sleep for teens

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - An initiative kicked off in the Fox Valley Tuesday night shedding light on the importance of teenagers getting enough sleep.

Northeast Wisconsin Mental Health Connection joined with Willems Student Marketing Team of Appleton for a public health campaign this month, "Dream On -- Teens Need Zzz's."

Students heard from other high schoolers and mental health professionals about the connection between mental health and lack of sleep.

"We know that teens don't get enough sleep and it negatively impacts their mental health. So we know that two-thirds of our teens do not get enough sleep, so we're raising awareness, starting a community conversation about how important it is for teens to get enough sleep to protect their mental health and to be resilient and to be well," Wendy Magas, project coordinator for the Healthy Teen Minds Initiative said.

Those who attended got a free sleep resource kit, including a sleep mask and essential oil sleep spray to promote healthy zzz's.

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