Calumet County meets fundraising goal, new K9 will arrive soon

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CHILTON, Wis. (WBAY) - The Calumet County Sheriff's Office is expanding its K9 team, thanks to the community. Nearly three years after launching a fundraising campaign for another dog, the last $10,000 dollars needed to meet a $101,000 goal has come in.

Calumet County Sheriff's Office K9 (WBAY photo)

A check presentation was the final step in ensuring another police K9 would be taking to the streets of Calumet County.

"It just makes us feel much more safer in our communities," says Bob Endries. Bob and Pat Endries through their foundation donated an additional $10,000, to the $15,000 they already gave, to help the county reach its K9 fundraising goal.

According to Calumet County Sheriff Mark Wiegert, "The community has been very supportive of us, very supportive of this program. We're just so happy with people opening up their checkbooks and helping us out."

It was about four years ago when Calumet County welcomed its first K9 to the force. Since Amer joined the force, with handler Will Pearson, he's been deployed 384 times. His work has led to almost two hundred arrests.

"Statistically speaking we've been very busy," says Deputy Pearson. He adds, "Even outside of that we're still being very proactive, being very involved in the community and doing events, presentations, going through the schools making sure they're safe also."

Another K9 is only expected to add to what is already a successful program. With the fundraising met, and knowing the impact a dog can have, the Sheriff's Office is not wasting anytime moving forward with adding a second dog.

"We have started ordering equipment, such as a vehicle. In fall we will have picked a handler by then. The handler will travel to Florida to be matched up with a dog and attend several weeks of training there," says Sheriff Wiegert.

The plan is to have the new K9 and his handler on the road by fall.