CONSUMER FIRST ALERT: Watch out for scams targeting airline passengers

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - We love to share everything on social media, but we should think twice about posting all the details of our trips online.

In addition to giving hackers a link to your personal information, you announce to the world that you are not at home.


On Instagram, the hashtag #boardingpass has more than 100,000 photos. Consumer experts says it is a bad idea to post a photo of your boarding pass online.

Boarding passes have bar codes that could give hackers access to personal information.

Experts recommend you use a mobile boarding pass on your phone. If you must print one, don't leave it behind on the plane. Shred it after you're done with it.

Frequent flyers should protect their accounts by using a strong password and two-factor authentication. That's when you get security code sent as a text to your phone.


The Better Business Bureau says scammers are sending fake emails that look like they're from a real airline.

Scammers have posted as American Airlines, Delta and Southwest. They ask you to take a survey or alert you to a flight change or ask you to download a recent ticket purchase.

The BBB says to never take unsolicited emails at face value. CLICK HERE for more tips for avoiding a phishing scam.