CEO of WTS Paradigm: "We Will Find Strength To Move Forward"

Middleton, Wis (WBAY) This morning, the CEO of WTS Paradigm discussed the company's reaction to the workplace shooting on Tuesday, September 18.

CEO Nathan Herbst said employees are doing as well as can be expected and added, "We will find the strength to recover and move forward."

On September 18, police say Anthony Tong shot four people inside the business.

Tong was shot and killed by officers responding to the scene.

Herbst told reporters this morning that the company does background checks on all employees and that Anthony Tong's background check came back clear.

He also said the company wasn't aware of any prior mental health issues with Tong.

Three of the four people shot at WTS Paradigm have been released from the hospital.

The fourth victim remains in "fair" condition.

Police are still unsure of Tong's motive for the shooting.

"Today is about these employees and healing, we have not determined what next steps we are taking across the board," said Herbst.