CBD oil: Research before you buy

Published: Jan. 5, 2019 at 6:51 PM CST
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CBD oil has been known to ease pain and anxiety for users; but even with the legalization of the substance last month, there are still many questions to be answered about its benefits.

Morgan Trone, owner of “Your CBD Store” says she really saw the effects of the oil after seeing what it did for her daughter who has ADHD.

“The first day she took the CBD oil she came home from school and she's like 'I was able to focus the whole day, I took notes in math,’ so that was really cool to see that, I think it made me understand how amazing the CBD really is.”

Medical professionals at Bellin Health are also seeing the benefits, especially in patients suffering from fibromyalgia and anxiety.

However, they say you need to do some research on the product before you buy.

“Because it's not regulated by the FDA anybody could really make this stuff, package it up and sell it, but wouldn't really know what you're getting unless you have that lab report,” said Sarah Jabo, a Physician’s Assistant on the Neuro Team at Bellin Health.

The CBD brand SUNMED has a QR code on the back of each product which you can scan and it will bring up the full lab report of the product.

Trone says it’s best to stay away from products that don’t have a lab report or an ingredient list.

“A lot of times other products will say they are getting a broad spectrum or a full spectrum and they’re actually only getting an isolate of the CBD,” said Trone.

A full spectrum CBD oil has the cannabinoids and terpinolene present. A full spectrum oil has a little bit of THC, less than .3 percent so there’s no psychoactive or high that you experience from it.

Physicians are also wary about how CBD oil might react to other medications a person is taking because there has been little research done.

“Specifically, patients that are on blood thinners. That's an area where I would say I wouldn't use it unless you talk to the provider who is prescribing the blood thinner,” said Jabo.

“You actually have to be careful because it can make your medications last longer and act stronger. A lot of times what we’re seeing is that, our customers are able to cut down on the medications that they’re taking and just use the CBD,” said Trone.

While some medical professionals may not be fully on board with CBD use until it's approved by the FDA, retailers say it's catching on.

“We've definitely had some customers stop in and say they're physician sent them over so that's pretty amazing to hear,” said Trone.

Trone opened a second "Your CBD Store" in Oshkosh on Saturday at 300 S. Koeller Street. She has another store in Waupaca.