Busy traffic heading into Thanksgiving

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 7:45 PM CST
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Thousands of people hitting the road on Wednesday, making their way to their Thanksgiving destination.

AAA reports the busiest times for travel fell between noon and 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, ahead of many Thanksgiving feasts.

Action 2 News crews traveled along I-41 in Brown County during those peak times, finding many holiday travelers mixing in with hunters heading to camp, and people getting off work.

All those factors combined make Wednesday one of the busiest travel days of the year.

According to AAA, 54 million Americans will hit the road this Thanksgiving holiday week, the most travelers since 2005.

That’s likely because unemployment rates are down, and so are gas prices, giving people incentive to travel throughout the weekend.

“Any time you travel during the weekend, all the way through Sunday, you're going to see travel conditions higher than what you would see on a typical weekend,” says Nick Jarmusz, Director of Public Affairs, AAA.

Some travelers we spoke with are staying closer to home.

“I'm pretty much going to stay in my house. Most of the travel was today getting the last minute stuff done,” says Rebekah Tourtillott of Green Bay.

Others are making a four hour trek for a Thanksgiving reunion.

“We're heading to Ashland to see my family. It's the first time in 31 years all my brothers and mom and everybody's getting together,” says Chuck Houle, Green Bay.

Any way you spin it, experts say it’s important to take your time while traveling this weekend, and keep an eye out for deer.

“The best advice is just to leave early, and plan on running into some delays,” Jarmusz suggests. “That way you're not stressed out about it, and worried about catching a flight on time, or making it to dinner on time. Plan on spending a little more time than you normally would.”

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