Bruemmer Park Zoo celebrates unveiling of new bobcat exhibit

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. The community got to 'party with the bobcats' at the Bruemmer Park Zoo in Kewaunee County.

Isabella lays in her new enclosure

Bobcats 'Baxter' and 'Isabella' moved into their new exhibit unveiled Saturday. Kewaunee County parks director, Dave Myers, says the bobcats are loving their new home, and it’s all thanks to the support of the community.

"The new bobcat enclosure is roughly twice the size of the old one, so they have a lot more space to roam around and move around and they seem very happy in there and it's worked out really well," said Myers.

"We have had great community support, lots of donations have been coming in because all the pens that we've re-done already have been from donations, no grants, no county money, nothing like that, it's all been donations," said Pam Zander, president of the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County.

That’s not the only celebration happening Saturday. 'Melvin' a whopping 20 foot tall, 800 pound sculpted metal giraffe also made his debut.

"We're all pretty excited and hanging out with friends, it's great to see all the enhancement they've made to the zoo over the years and we love coming here," said zoo visitor, Beth Temme.

The Bruemmer Park Zoo has free admission all year long, the zoo first opened in the 1930's. Visitors say this park holds a special place in their hearts.

"My mom actually used to bring us here as kids when we used to visit Kewaunee County and now we live here so bringing my son where my mom used to bring us is truly a special moment for us," said Temme.

At the party people also got a chance to give their ideas for future enhancements at the zoo.

"It's going to be an amazing thing, we're looking at a new pheasant exhibit, we're looking at a nature center, we're getting information from the community today to see how they like it and what they think about it and that so new and better things are coming,” said Zander.