Brown County rolls back to 18-year-old emergency dispatch system

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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Brown County decided to pull the plug on a new emergency dispatching system, XCAD.

Local law enforcement agencies were having problems with the new system. At times, XCAD wasn't consistent showing officers wanted records and criminal records of people police encountered.

The system replaced a Motorola system that was 18 years old.

"I feel like they're trying,” Brown County’s Director of Public Safety Communications Cullen Peltier said about the provider of XCAD. “I feel like they're doing the best that they can with the resources that they have. I just don't feel like it's fast enough for us."

Brown County is reverting to an older emergency dispatching system.

"New technology systems should make our jobs easier, and in this particular case the system was making our jobs actually harder,” Green Bay PoliceCaptain Jeremy Muraski said.

The county is evaluating options like continuing to work with the company, Securus, or trying systems other agencies are using.

"Every system is probably going to have some uniqueness to it,” Peltier said, "so there's those things we have to look at.”

The county received $1.2 million towards a new emergency dispatch system and they paid Securus $83,000.

The remainder of the money will go towards a new system.

"We still have dollars in that budget that we would put towards a new system if that was the route we try to go,” said Peltier. “Otherwise, if Securus corrects the issues and we sign off on the milestones, then that would be the money to go back to them."

Captain Muraski assures citizens that first responders are still going to respond.

"Police are still out there, the fire department is still out there, the rescue services are still out there,” Muraski said. “We're still going to be responding to all these emergencies and we're still going to do that at a very high and capable level."

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