Brown County Board hears from both sides on Shirley Wind Farm

Published: Sep. 12, 2017 at 4:02 PM CDT
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Brown County residents hoping for a change, after they say turbines from Shirley Wind Farm have caused serious illnesses for their families.

The wind farm went up back in 2010, with eight turbines in the Shirley area. Since then, nearby families have said the turbines cause more harm than good.

The Enz family of Denmark, even abandoning their home back in 2011, saying it was too dangerous to live in.

Action 2 News spoke with other neighbors who decided to stay – who said the turbines have negative effects on their daily lives.

“They're extremely loud when I'm outside and they're on. And then, they keep me up at night from low frequency noise and stray voltage,” says Michael Schauer, who lives near the wind farm. “They give me headaches if they're on for a long time, or if they're spinning too fast.”

Dozens of signs line the yards near the turbines, calling the wind farm a “human health hazard.”

Duke Energy, the company that owns Shirley Wind Farm, says it has hundreds of turbines across the United States, but has only received a negative response from Brown County residents.

Representatives there say there’s no sound science linking wind turbines to health problems.

“Our concern is that if these folks are blaming the wind turbines for their health symptoms, they’re really not getting the medical care, the diagnosis and the treatment that they need,” says Tammie McGee of Duke Energy.

The Brown County Board of Health and Human Services will hold a meeting at 5:30 Tuesday night, hearing from both sides on the issue.