Brillion receives state grant for downtown revitalization project

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BRILLION, Wis. (WBAY)- Some big changes are coming to downtown Brillion.

The city is receiving a $250,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to support a major construction project.

What's now a vacant grocery store in the middle of downtown Brillion will soon be the site of a new, 40-unit apartment complex partially funded through a grant that's also expected to improve the area's aesthetics and address housing needs.

"The purpose of the Community Investment Grant Program is really to provide a shot in the arm to communities that are looking to rehabilitate or develop downtown area," said Mark Hogan, Secretary and CEO of the WEDC, "and this is a perfect example of how that could happen."

The housing complex will also provide the backdrop for a new city hall on the same site.

Redevelopment Authority Commission Chair Beth Wenzel said, "The plans for this apartment building are quite handsome and they blend in with the neighboring buildings, the school and community center."

The Redevelopment Authority recently purchased the former grocery store and is building the apartment complex in partnership with Northpointe Development.

The $8 million project also includes sewer, water and street upgrades.

Mayor Gary Deiter added, "It's an opportunity because where we are here, you have the Manitowoc County border and people are traveling through Brillion but they're not stopping at Brillion, and as far as economy goes this will help us to improve it and people will want to come in here for a destination."

The city hopes to break ground on the project sometime this summer, with a completion date of June of 2019.

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