Bright signs urge drivers on Highway 15 to SLOW DOWN

A Greenville woman planted 100 bright orange signs along Highway 15 (WBAY photo)
A Greenville woman planted 100 bright orange signs along Highway 15 (WBAY photo)(WBAY)
Published: Nov. 4, 2019 at 5:28 PM CST
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Drivers in the Fox Valley will find 100 orange signs along Highway 15 between Greenville and Hortonville High School reminding drivers to slow down.

Action 2 News first told you about the car crash last Monday that killed 17-year-old Collin Krivoshein.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's crash records, the Hortonville High School senior was one of three people who died in crashes on Highway 15, including another child.

The new signs are hard to miss with the bold, black letters against a bright orange background with a simple message: SLOW DOWN.

"We're not a community to just sit and complain about things. We need to take action," Kim Sippola said.

A Greenville mom, Sippola, got the idea for the signs at the end of last week after hearing from her neighbors and fellow community members about their concerns about driving on Highway 15.

She spent Friday afternoon knocking on doors of businesses and homes along the highway getting permission to put the signs out.

She chose the message "Slow Down" as a way to grab the attention of drivers without giving them another reason to be distracted.

Even with plans by state officials to tackle the Highway 15 project next year, Sippola says enough is enough.

"There have been plans of fixing this road for over 20 years," she said, "and I think it's shame on them that they didn't fix the road already and shame on us for not making enough noise and being ignored."

"It's definitely going to bring more awareness. If you see this happening time and time again, sooner or later the state has to put into effect the changes that they're going to make eventually on this road," said Jim

Tennie, who works at Riesterer & Schnell along Highway 15.

Sippola says her efforts are not in support of any specific plans to make Highway 15 safer but instead reinforces that there needs to be a solution to the problem. She wants to prevent any more cross memorials from being placed along the road to remember the people whose lives were cut short.

"Those are the stories that you hear about, but you don't hear about all of the close calls that could have been tragedies, too," Tennie remarked.

Sippola asks people to share what they've seen driving on Highway 15 on the Facebook page

. She also created a website with the same name (


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