Boy meets first responders who saved his life

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ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY-TV) A reunion to remember and to be thankful for took place at the Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department Tuesday.

"We knew when he was going to turn the corner, that we wanted to come and visit," Josh Harnowski said. "All the first responders that helped saved him."

At a backyard get-together in Ashwaubenon nine days ago, Josh's son, Calyx Harnowski, was found facedown in the pool.

"I mean, it's all kind of a blur," said Josh.

"You know it's reality, you have to kick it into gear," Ashwaubenon Public Safety Officer, Wade Wudtke said. "You know you have to do the right thing in order to give this child the best opportunity to survive."

First responders say Calyx was lifeless as he was brought into the ambulance; but once inside, they we're able to get his heart beating again.

"Kind of remembering what it was like that first night and then to now, it doesn't seem that real, hard to put into words," said Josh.

Calyx spent a week in the hospital and is healthy again.

"You know Calyx is a fighter, he definitely proved it," said Josh.

His parents say we all should remember that accidents happen when you least expect it.

"I mean we had other kids and adults in the pool, standing around the pool, just, it can happen that quick," said Josh.