Boy donates blankets to babies placed for adoption

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 4:16 PM CST
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A young boy from Waushara County wants other kids to feel loved through the warmth and comfort of a blanket. Tanner Tibbits, 6, made his way to Green Bay today Monday with a box full of blankets, and a message to anyone who feels alone.

Tanner’s mom, dad, and the community took the steps with him and finally he's accomplished his goal. Monday, he made a special delivery to Holt International, an adoption agency in Green Bay.

“I got blankets so that I can help babies,” said Tanner. He used his tooth fairy money to buy blankets and the community also pitched in by donating.

“Tanner has special needs and Tanner has had some issues in the past with bullying and he loves babies. He wanted a baby for Christmas, and we had to explain to him that Santa can't really bring him a baby,” said Elizabeth Tibbits, Tanner’s mom.

When Tanner learned about babies who get put up for adoption, he knew what he wanted to do. That's how ‘Tanner’s Best Friend Forever Project’ started. Tanner said he wants kids and anyone who feels alone to have a friend because he has a snugly one he calls Fofi.

“There's so many things you go through as a kid but you always remember your baby blanket. I don't want a child to feel sad, it's just something that gives them that comfort,” said Elizabeth.

Holt International said it will pass the blankets on to families who finalize an adoption.

“It'll be a great gift to give to the families and we'll share the story of Tanner of what he did as his mission for these families and for the babies,” said Val Zegers, Program Supervisor for Holt International.

Tanner said he hopes the blankets bring them just as much love as his ‘Fofi’ brings him.

If you are interested in helping little Tanner collect blankets for babies put up for adoption, visit his

page for more details.

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