Boy Writes Essay about Hero Police Officer

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KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) - Eleven years after a Kaukauna police officer saves a baby's life, that boy is finally able to meet the officer to say thank you.

Eleven year old Zeke Tomlin was asked to write an essay for school about a hero in his life.

In his essay, Tomlin wrote, "My hero is an every day police officer."

That officer's name is Charlie Vosters and for nearly 12 years he's worked for the Kaukauna Police Department.

"Me and my family would talk about it a lot because it's pretty important that he saved my life," says Tomlin about why he chose to write about Vosters in his essay.

It was back on March 27, 2006 when Officer Vosters responded to the Tomlin home, at that time on Sarah Street, for a report of a baby who was choking. It's a call he says he thinks about daily, the memories just as vivid in his mind today as they were right after the call more than a decade ago when he was interviewed on the news about the save.

Recalling the call, Vosters says, "I was the first officer, the only officer that responded there at the time. I ran up and took the baby from her arms. His lips were blue and just put him on my forearm and did back blows. A shoe came out of his mouth. We were surprised that it was just a little pink Barbie shoe."

So, to learn that more eleven years later, the baby he saved is now a sixth grader who wrote about him and the incident for a school essay about heroes, is beyond rewarding for a man who was just doing his job that day.

According to Vosters, "You don't think about that when you put this uniform on, on a daily basis. You don't think of, oh I really made a difference in somebody's life, but obviously this is one of those things where I did."

It's an experience and a tribute essay that will forever connect the boy and the officer.

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