Bonduel salon holds Hair Cut-A-Thon for Diemel family

SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) -- As family and friends wait to find out what exactly happened to two missing Shawano County brothers, the local community continues to support Nick and Justin Diemel's family.

Hair-Cut-A-Thon at Bonduel Salon raises money for Diemel family.

The brothers have been missing since July 21, when they went on a business trip to Missouri.

“There's not a lot you can do for them other than this, you know,” said Connie Leitzke, Owner of Salon Performance in Bonduel.

The disappearance of the Diemel brothers hits close to home for her.

“The mom of the boys, Pam, grew up right next door to me; so I've known Pam pretty much our whole life. We have two boys and you just put yourself in their shoes and you can't… you can't imagine what that family is going through,” said Leitzke.

That's why she and other area stylists donated their time on Saturday with a Hair Cut-A-Thon to give people a fresh look on behalf of the Diemel family.

“It was crazy this morning, we were crazy busy, we even had a gentleman camped out at six this morning,” said Leitzke.

“I’ve known Connie my whole life, she started cutting my hair when I was little. She contacted me to see if we would be potentially interested in helping her through a text I told my girls at the salon and they said absolutely,” said Jocelyn Zuleger, Owner of Capture Salon in Seymour.

To go along with the haircut, Leitzke’s great niece, Talia Tonn and her friend Laura Frea, were selling ice cold lemonade with proceeds going to the Diemel family.

“It's just sad to lose a family member, especially one of your parents, so we just wanted to help out a little,” said Laura Frea.

The girls raised more than $160 before noon by selling lemonade.

Back inside, Leitzke says people have been very generous with donations.

“Everybody has been coming together. This is small town USA, small town proud.It’s what we do around here and these people have touched a lot of lives,” said Leitzke. “We have people from surrounding areas, it's been wonderful.”