Blood Centers of America target gamers as blood donors

Photo Source: Pixabay / MGN

APPLETON, Wis (WBAY) -- Often times, gamers are out for virtual blood; but those at The Community Blood Center are hoping gamers are able to give some real blood.

“The reality is that blood donors are getting older and about 45 percent of the current blood donor population across the country are older than 50,” said Kristine Belanger, Vice President of Donor Services for The Community Blood Center in Appleton.

That's why they've teamed up with Team Liquid, a professional esports competitive video gaming organization that has about 27 million fans globally, to raise awareness for World Blood Donor Day on Friday.

“Esports in general, primarily, have an audience that's between the ages of 18 and 34 and that's a population that's underrepresented in terms of blood donations,” said Belanger.

Less than 20 percent of people in that age group donate, which is why Team Liquid got on board and launched the Heal for Real campaign.

“We actually have Blood Centers of America branded trucks that will go to esports events when 10-20,000 people are going out to watch an esports event; so you don't have to drive to a local blood center,” said Steve Arhancet, CEO and Co-Owner of Team Liquid.

Helping meet the high demand on a very time sensitive product.

“Red blood cells are good for 42 days at refrigerator temperature. Platelets are only good for five days, which makes the need for blood donors every day, very very important,” said Belanger.

The Community Blood Center supplies 21 hospitals in Northeast and Central Wisconsin and Upper Michigan with blood.