'Blizzard Baby' turns one during another April snowstorm

TOWN OF POUND, Wis. (WBAY) One year ago, the record-setting blizzard that blanketed Northeast Wisconsin with more than two feet of snow was just setting in.

You likely remember, it stopped pretty much everything in its tracks for the following two days.

Everything, that is, but a mom in labor with her third child, a child determined to make an early entrance.

The 'blizzard baby,' as he's now known, turns one, just in time for another April snowstorm.

"It was kind of crazy. As soon as I heard about the storm, at first I was like, no, that's not going to happen. It can't happen again," says Alyssa Champagne. "Then they started calling it blizzard conditions, and I'm like wow, deja vu! Of course! Here we are again, so it's kind of funny."

But this year, seeing a sea of white outside their Town of Pound home brings back memories.

"He's going to be the little boy that brings all the snow," jokes Alyssa.

Her youngest of three, Askren, decided last year's blizzard was a great time to make an entrance into the world two weeks early.

"About this time, in the middle of the night, we woke up to lots and lots of snow. There was already about a foot of snow on the ground, and of course, I went into labor," recalls Alyssa.

"There was no visibility. We're talking like five feet in front of you was all you could see," Jason told us in the hospital last year. "I just remember looking outside, and I'm like, are you kidding me? We're going to leave right now?"

We first met the Champagnes at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital when Askren was not even two days old.

The drive to get to that hospital then took them almost three hours, at speeds barely topping 25 mph.

Askren quickly became known as the 'blizzard baby,' just like his uncle. He is also the third child, also born in a blizzard, and, yep, also was at the same hospital.

"I know multiple people call (Askren) that, still to this day. Even at our church, they'll call him the blizzard baby, so it's kind of cute," says Alyssa.

Askren turns one Sunday with a much more low-key celebration in mind this year.

"My mom even said, Askren, you know, that's not allowed. We can't have a snowstorm on your birthday ever again," says Alyssa, laughing.

But just in case, future birthday parties might require some backup plans.

"Actually, we'll have to start planning a sledding party instead of a regular birthday party," she adds.