"Blind Side" actor, "Gags" are highlights at Wildwood Film Festival

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center played host to the Wildwood Film Festival this weekend.

The 16th Annual film event kicked off Friday with a film starring actor Quinton Aaron, best known for "The Blind Side."

The movie "Halfway" is about a man recently released from prison and struggling to adapt to life on probation.

Aaron says it's great to screen the movie in Wisconsin, where the film is set.

"I think it's awesome. Because it's here in Wisconsin where the film originated. And we get to open up to a lot more audiences that way, and we're actually-- what I love about being here is I'm a big Green Bay Packer fan and we're like literally right next door to them," Aaron said.

The horror film "Gags" was also screened at the festival.

You'll like remember the viral marketing campaign--social media photos of a creepy clown in Green Bay. It helped spark a clown trend that would go nationwide.

"I made the film because I really enjoyed this story and I was passionate about it," said Adam Krause, "Gags" writer and director. "And I didn't think many people would care. But yeah, it's taken off and it's been great."

"Gags" has won Best Short Film ad the Madtown Horror Film Festival in Madison and the Audience Award at the Night Terrors Film Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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