Blaze Pink Sales Sluggish

GREEN BAY, Wisc (WBAY) When Wisconsin became the first state in the country to allow blaze pink for deer hunting last year, lawmakers hoped it would attract more hunters, especially women.

But local retailers says blaze pink is proving to be anything but a hit, and blaze orange remains first choice by a long shot.

At Fleet Farm in Green Bay, store manager Scott Paul stands by the very small selection of blaze pink hunting clothes, in the middle of a sea of orange.

"I would say you're at 2-3 percent, at the max right now," says Paul of the store's selection compared to blaze orange.

And for hunters gearing up for the opening of gun deer season this weekend, tradition won't be broken because of a new color option.

"I'll be in orange, it's not a fashion statement when you're out in the woods, no one really cares what you look like, so to me whatever is comfortable and warm, that's all I care about, so the pink didn't really attract me to hunting any more than I already do," says Raelle Wick from Green Bay.

"The women is they want to wear the pink they're almost singling themselves out, there was a big think where it's the pink, but blaze orange has been a thing for how long and all the camo, I think they'll just run with the camo and use the blaze orange," adds Jake Maurer from De Pere.

One year after the state made blaze pink a legal hunting color, not a single pink hunting jacket or pants are on the racks at Cabela's in Ashwaubenon.

"Our demographic, the people who love to come to Cabela's are really more the traditional, straight camo, the blaze orange, those are the ones that are the most popular for us," says Brian Pierce, a Cabela's store manager.

Stores that do sell the blaze pink aren't banking on future sales to bring in big bucks.

"I think it's going to be kind of static for the most part," says Paul.