Black Wolf man donates organs, mother encourages others to register as donors

Published: Apr. 19, 2020 at 8:32 PM CDT
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Back in march we first told you about a black wolf man who died in a car crash. Though it was a tragic loss, Jacob Farr's mother made sure something good came out of it.

"He truly loved his son, he loved to hunt, fish, cook,” said Brenda Farr, Jacob’s mother.

Brenda says her 26-year-old son Jacob was caring, too.

"My birthday the other day, he would've been the first to text me in the morning saying 'Hey mom, have a great day. Happy birthday, see you later,'” said Brenda. “So, it's tough.”

It's been just over a month since Jacob died. But to Brenda, he now lives on in another way.

"The organ donation out of Madison called me and asked me if they could take heart valves, veins, vessels, meniscus, everything. And I said yes,” said Brenda.

She knew it'd be something Jacob would want.

"As much as he loved to help people in any way that they could he would've done it,” said Brenda.

Wisconsin's Department of Health Services reports 22 people die each day across the country waiting for a transplant. Just one donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and save and heal more than 75 lives through tissue and eye donation according to Donate Life Wisconsin.

Many people register as organ donors when getting a driver’s license, but there's also an online registry.

"I wish a lot more people could learn about this registry because do you know how many lives could be enhanced or - I mean I've got two people in the state of Wisconsin that are going to be able to see because of his eyes,” said Brenda.

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, a nonprofit that helps facilitate eye donations, addressed letters to Brenda and Jacob's five year old son Dannyl, explaining where Jacob's eyes went and how much his donation means.

Brenda plans to save those and any other updates for Dannyl, to show how much his dad helped others.

Organ donation is a heroic act that can not only save others, but it gives some comfort to Brenda and Jacob’s family, too.

"He may not be here but he is here, just in other ways,” said Brenda.

Visit these websites tor a look at national statistics and organ donor registration information:

Visit these websites for more information on Wisconsin’s organ donor registry and how to sign up: