Black Lives United organizes school supply drive

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Pencils, pens and notebooks filled up backpacks that will soon be given to students in need.


Sunday the group Black Lives United held a back to school drive to collect school supplies for Green Bay students.

Organizers tell us collecting supplies was only part of the event. They hope it will also encourage a deeper conversation about race.

"Racism isn't just an individual problem. It's not just about one person being mean to the next person. It's about structural power, unequal access to education, health, all of those types of things," Stephanie Ortiz, co-founder of Black Lives United, said. "So that is really how the back to school drive connects with our mission and what we're trying to do here today."

Last year the group gave away 32 backpacks filled with supplies for students in need. This year their goal is to give away 50 bags over the next couple of weeks.