Black Friday isn't only for stores, it's for cats too

GREEN BAY, Wis. While Black Friday is the day to get special deals from all of your favorite stores, one area organization is making a unique offer.

Polar Bear, an adoptable cat at the Bay Area Humane Society is waiting for his forever home

Black Friday weekend is a time to save on electronics, clothes and holiday gifts, but instead of “shop til' you drop,” Bay Area Humane Society is urging people “adopt til' you drop.”

"Cats that are six months or older are $20.17 so like 2017, it's good for a high majority of our population, we do have a very big population of cats right now and our goal is to get many of them to adoptive homes," said Olivia Webster, Director of Operations, Bay Area Humane Society.

Kittens are often preferred over older cats, but the humane society is urging people to give older cats a chance. Cats are available for adoption at the Bay Area Humane Society and at Pets Supplies Plus in Ashwaubenon.

"Some of these older cats you know they definitely need homes, they're sweethearts, they litter box trained, a lot of them like other animals and it's great to get them a home too," said Beth Knitter, Pet Supplies Plus- Bay Area Humane Society Adoption Center Supervisor.

Between the two locations there are 250 cats and kittens available for adoption, due to the warm weather, the amount of cats coming in to the shelter has not slowed down. This holiday season whether it's a dog or cat, the humane society want people to be careful before surprising family members with a new pet.

"We want to make sure it's a perfect fit for everybody in the family so from the oldest person down to the youngest child in the family everybody has to be compatible so we encourage everybody to come down, and still even if the whole family's here and it's not a surprise it's still a great gift for the holidays for the family to enjoy," said Webster.

Those wishing to take advantage of the Black Friday cat adoption deal have until Sunday. The Bay Area Humane Society is closed on Sundays, but the Pet Supplies Plus location will be open.